How To Go Down On A Woman

OK then guys – listen up and listen good! You need to know How To Go Down On A Woman!

This could perhaps be the shortest article on my site but if you disregard it , you do so at your peril!

If you ARE NOT going down on your lady, because you don’t know how to properly go down on a woman, especially before sex, then you are destined to NEVER be able to fully sexually satisfy or pleasure women in the bedroom! Pretty scary thought huh?

Previously, I thought I was a pretty good lover and I must say, I didn’t have any complaints. It was not until I read just one little line about how to pleasure a woman and then put it into practice that I truly learned what it was like to sexually satisfy a woman!

I would go down on my lady and mess around a bit and then pretty much go straight to penetration when a few minutes was over – you know – now she was “warmed up.”  WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

Why it is crucial to go down on a woman before sex…

The magic line I read was “Never, ever penetrate your woman and start intercourse until she has had her first orgasm. Do the ground work then reap the rewards later!” So simple and yet so true and by following this great advice I have never had such great sex!How To Go Down On A Woman

The simple thing is that if you didn’t know already – women are very complex (really?!) and one of the factors that get a woman ready for better sex is the feelings she gets and the endorphins and emotional release that is triggered after a clitoral stimulated orgasm. The whole event gets a woman’s body ready for sex and as a result, it is so much better for the both of you. There is also no pressure to give your lady the “big O” during intercourse because she has already had one!

This alone leads to a much better sexual experience and actually lends itself to the chance of your woman having multiple orgasms!

So then, you had better get on down there first, each and every time you make love! If you are currently not going down on your lady at all then you have a big change to make and one your partner will surely appreciate! If you are already doing so but just spending a token amount of time down there, then keep going til your lady reaches that orgasm! You will reap the benefits in the end I promise you!

But doesn’t every man know how to go down on a woman?

You would be surprised to know how many men don’t realize that oral sex on women is actually the best way to give them an orgasm. To help you learn the absolute best ways on how to go down on a woman, I strongly recommend you take a look at the Lick By Lick guide below. It is guaranteed to have your lady writhing in ecstasy like never before! Full of amazing info, different techniques, mood setters and simply the best oral sex tips to go down on a woman you will find anywhere!

Do yourself (and especially your partner!) a favor and take a look at it now by clicking the book below and learn how properly to go down on a woman!


How To Go Down On A Woman

How To Go Down On A Woman!

All the best to you,


Better Sex Tips And Ideas!

One of the most common complaints when it comes to lovemaking and sex especially between two people that have been together for a while is the lack of fun stuff, variety and spontaneity.

In order to give you a few quick ideas and some awesome sex tips that will spice up your sex life, read on for 8 easy implementable suggestions ensuring your sex life is never dull!

1) An absolutely mind blowing experience for your partner is the act of nearly bringing them to orgasm and then stopping right before the point of no return. This will drive your partner absolutely crazy but after you have done it a couple of times, the anticipation and the overall intensity of their orgasm will be ten times as good as normal!

2) “War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!” As the song says, war achieves nothing. So why not change the war games to or-games (orgasm games). Just take some time to make up some funky games together to both get you in the mood for action and also to play a big part. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just some fun stuff that gets you both going!

3) If you and your partner are up for it and of course if it is safe to do so, have you ever considered trying sex in public? This does not mean in a crowded library! It means just getting public enough where there is a chance of being seen or caught in the act! The rush or thrill of public sex can often provide the strongest and most hardcore climaxes!

4) Get down and dirty with the dirty talk! Although most men love dirty talk especially if their partner is the one doing the talking, not all women appreciate this fine conversation skill as they can sometimes feel it cheapens them. No problem! To get around this one obstacle, just set it up before hand and explain the rules and let her know it is a safe, fantasy situation. No judging.

5) Like public sex, kinky locations can also bring out the great sex in your relationship. Many women have been surveyed and their favorite kinky spots for hot loving action are the beach, in front of hotel windows, change-rooms, nature trails, elevators, moving cars, pools, balconies and of course the most popular (but becoming more increasingly dangerous) the airplane bathroom. Are you a member of the mile high club yet?

6) If you are comfortable and trusting with your partner then why not try a game of couples strip poker? There are two ways to go about this – the porn movie way where everybody gets naked and then gets it all on together :) or you can all just stay faithful and enjoy the stimulation and excitement of seeing each other naked then take out all that pent up arousal on your partners when the night is over!

7) There is not a guy alive that does not enjoy a good hand job! To take your mans excitement and enjoyment to the next level still, don’t forget to spend some time massaging and playing with his balls. As with most sexual techniques, just start out slowly stroking and massaging them then as the pressure builds you can go faster and more strenuous. He will love it!

8) A fantastic barometer of how excited a woman is, is in her nipples! Many men don’t know this great little fact however when a woman is really enjoying herself and being extremely well pleasured, her nipples can swell as much as nearly double their normal size! The same happens in reverse though when she isn’t so keen on what you are doing to her so keep an eye on those nipples to ensure you stay on track!

So there you have it! Some great fun tips that you can put into practice right away!

To find out even more great lovemaking and sex tips, I recommend you take a look at Orgasmology! It is chock full of helpful stuff that will take you and your partners sex lives to the next level!

Check it out here by clicking below!

How To Go Down On A Woman


Best of luck, have fun!


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